Boat Name Stickers – Standard Colors Set of 2

Boat Name Stickers – Standard Colors Set of 2


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You can pay by PayPal, Venmo, or your credit card via our PayPal payment gateway (you won’t need a PayPal or Venmo to do this.)  Just checkout, select the PayPal checkout and enter your credit card on the next screen!

Boat name stickers come in 10 colors and 11 fonts – 8 standard fonts and 3 new script fonts! These are 3″ tall and 23″ wide at maximum (depending on the length of your boat name and the typeface you choose.)  If you need a narrower width to fit on your hull, choose a narrower font/typeface.  Just remember to pick a color that contrasts with your boat’s hull color. If your hull is white, you can choose almost any color. If your hull is colored or dark, you can choose lighter colors. To see the fonts, click on the little photos below the big one and it will show you the fonts in the bigger photo window.

Select your color and font from the lists below, type into the order form exactly as you wish your boat name to read (including spaces between words, capitalization and punctuation), and click add to cart. Then check out with our easy PayPal ordering system. Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, PayPal, accepted Each set (one of the port side, one for the starboard side) is just $ 16.95 plus shipping ($3.95) for a total of $19.90 and state sales tax if applicable. You only need to order one set to have boat name stickers on both sides of your boat’s hull. Note, these are larger than our MC numbers so they cost more to ship in an oversized envelope.

If you’re using just one sticker (say, on your stern), you can use the other one for your trailer, dock box, cooler, roof box. If you need more than 2 (port, starboard and stern), order a second set.

Sizing on boat NAME stickers varies from boat registration (which are capped at 3″ block letters by regulation.) We offer these in two variations – 3″ Full Height – if you have a smaller boat and you only have room for a 3″ tall name (such as personal watercraft), or “X Height” – if you have no restrictions on height (most other boats). We default to X height at 3″, meaning ascenders and descenders extend above and below.  The relative sizing of these options is shown below. The J and the Y on Joy impact overall size for Full Height (3″) tall, but X height means the name will be much larger (depending on whether your boat name has ascenders and descenders like this, or not, such as Free Time (no descenders, all ascenders.)  Note in your order, only if you need them to be 3″ tall max, otherwise, we’ll adjust for a larger name (subject to mailing requirements, we cannot ship super long boat names such as “supercalifragilisticexpialodicious”  in a flat envelope; additional shipping would be needed.

Additional information

Weight 4 oz

Gloss Black, White, Yellow, Orange, Red, Cobalt Blue, Marine Blue, Light Blue, Silver Grey Metallic, Green, New! Storm Blue, Matte black, Silver Carbon Fiber, Dark Gray Carbon Fiber

Boat Name Fonts

Marker Felt, Athena, Cream Cake, Castle, Eurostile, Geometric, Frutiger, Bebas, Handel, Helvetica, Impact


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