How to apply boat registration numbers to a rigid inflatable (RIB) boat

How to apply boat registration numbers to a rigid inflatable (RIB) boat

Rigid inflatable boats also need boat registration numbers, but vinyl numbers won’t stick to them. So, how do you apply boat registration numbers to a rigid inflatable (RIB) boat? Stencils!

Our flexible vinyl stencil product works great coupled with a manufacturer recommended vinyl spray paint. This combination (tested by a customer, shown here) is a great combination that allows you to apply your numbers easily to a surface that is uneven, flexible and inflated/deflated.

To prepare: clean the surface where you are applying your numbers. Peel the backing paper from the stencil. It will stick to the transfer paper on top. Going from one small corner at a 45 degree angle, press the stencil onto your boat. Once on, tape off additional area with blue paint tape and newspaper or some other drop cloth (plastic, etc.) Using the manufacturer’s instructions, spray the vinyl coat over the stencils.

Note, the firmer the stencil is burnished into the hull the “clearer” the edges are on the boat. But as long as the numbers are readable, and you don’t move the stencil before fully dry (you have two stencils, one for each side of the boat, when you order one set from us), you will have a great result as shown here.

Go slowly, make sure the stencil is pressed down onto your boat, and take your time.

Stencils also work on substrates such as blow-molded kayaks.

  • Please note, we did not try this ourselves so we make no claims for fitness or longevity or skill in application. You assume all risk when you spray permanent paint or vinyl coat on your boat. Take your time! We aren’t responsible for results when using this product on your boat.