How to transfer an out of state boat to Michigan

How to transfer an out of state boat to Michigan

To transfer an out of state boat to Michigan, Michigan has a process for transferring your boat from another state to Michigan. Start at

When you’re on the page, select Vehicle and then Recreational Vehicles and Watercraft. Then, select Watercraft Decal as shown in the screenshot below. Because you are transferring, you’ll have to make an appointment and bring with you the following:

Your title

A bill of sale

The registration

If the watercraft is titled, a properly assigned title must be used to transfer ownership at a Secretary of State office. If the watercraft is not titled, you will need to complete the back of your watercraft registration and visit a Secretary of State office with the buyer to transfer ownership. If you have lost the registration, complete bill of sale with the year, make, hull identification number, MC registration number (if available) and the names and addresses of the buyer and seller may be used to transfer ownership.

Choose the “schedule an office visit”. Offices are located in almost every community in Michigan, at select Meijer stores.

If you are a resident of another state, you’ll need to come to Michigan OR send your information via mail following these instructions:

If you’re in a border state (OH, IN, IL, WI) there are generally SoS offices in communities at or near the border with Michigan for your convenience.